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mimk057原作xercise.""Wow, that's amazing," says the woman. "How old are you?""Twenty-six."长诀位女走向坐在门廊的子上摇动的小头“我无意中发现,你多么幸,”那女说“o;二个说,“我位母亲配了位司机和梅德汽车.”三个笑着说,“我的礼物要比你们好 你们还得妈非常喜爱圣经吗? 并且你们都知道她视力不么好 因我寄给她一惊人的鹦鹉,它可以背诵整圣经,教堂里花了12年的时间才教会它 它是该类里最优的two immigrants sit on a park bench to eat their lunch.One looks inside his sack, hesitates and turns to his partner and says, "Uh, which part of the dog did you get?"An old man was sitting

mimk057原作lmed with solving a computer network problem, so I decided to deliver a meal for him to eat at his workstation. When I was getting ready to leave, I said good-bye and reminded him to eat his burg er ayou know how fast you're going?Bob: Well, when I'm driving at 15 miles an hour, the fenders rattle; at 25 miles an hour, the windows rattle; and at 30, the motor starts knocking-and that钟表厂工作?)They want to make faces. (make face 做脸,做钟表)10. What bird lifts heavy things? (么鸟能举起重?)Crane. (鹤Crane鹤,举重)"7. What is the smallest bridge in the world? (世界上最小的桥是?)Th


mimk057原作狗不认识字”He is really somebody他真大人-- My uncle has 1000 men under him.-- He is really somebody.-- What does he do?-- A maintenance man in a cemetery.-- 我叔叔下面有1000人-- 他真大人物--干什。mimk057原作官网(http://wap.ybmovie.com)。

mimk057原作,he seat you've taken is mine.""Yours? Can you prove it?""Yes, I put a cup of icecream on it.""请原谅,你占了我的位.""你的位置?你能征明这点?""能,我在位置上放was causing a lot of trouble to the other passengers.At last this young man got out at a station with his two heavy bags. None of the other passengers helped him, but one of them waited until the rudyours.(我是摄影师我直在寻找张像你这样的脸)女:I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours.(我是整形外医生我也一直在寻找张像你这样的脸)Mother: Mary, why do you yell and scream so much?。